#DoIT – Education

School curriculum changes depending on the country, the government, what county you are in and what kind of school you go to… but whichever circumstances you are in, you should do IT/Computing and this is why:

You will need technology skills in whatever job you do, whether you are working in a supermarket and need to learn how the tills work and the stocking systems, to working in an office where 9 to 5 each day you will need to know how to competently and professionally reply to emails and pick up new IT software skills to improve your job. Although the GCSE’s and A-levels may not be as advanced as you would hope, it is still a great foundation for you to build your skill and often schools are creating more opportunities, read here.

Just 20% of Computing Science GCSE’s are female, falling to 10% at A-level

An article by Clare McDonald, read here, explores the lack of females taking Computing GCSE and A-level, that relays onto higher education where on average under 20% on a IT course at university are girls. If you were one of the girls to go through GCSE, A-level and university doing IT you stand a much better chance at getting a graduate job.

Standing out is good, IT is an exciting to get involved in. If you want to learn more about what it means to take IT/Computing at GCSE and A-level, I encourage you to take a look at these BBC Bitesize pages which are free and can give you a bit of an overview of what to expect:

Don’t be overwhelmed by what you think computer science, computing or IT is, take time to find out and ask your teacher’s opinions on whether you think you’d enjoy it. Fight back if somebody says you can’t do it if you aren’t good at maths or science, that is OK, I was not strong in those subjects either and I achieved a First Class degree in Computing… I did Art, English Literature and History alongside my ICT A-level, which meant I couldn’t meet the entry requirements to some universities. But actually it has helped me, because I am able to write reports at work and understand better user experience and colour schemes of apps etc. Don’t worry that you aren’t good enough to do well in IT!

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