#DoIT – Money

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but in an increasingly commercial world where materialistic objects are a trophy of wealth it is hard not to desire to earn well.

Where I live the house prices are growing rapidly, and I’m an hour outside London in a tiny town with no train station and 20 minutes from a motorway… so how am I supposed to get onto the property ladder without moving elsewhere? The answer is #DoIT

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t right that you can earn more money in corporate companies than working within the NHS or Education system, but that is how it is currently. On average the salary within the technology industry in the UK is £62,500.

As was mentioned in the theme of Education yesterday, “Subject choice can make a big difference”, take a look at the graph below demonstrating which graduates earn the most five years after graduating (taken from a BBC article).


Tech may be trendier than banking, but it looks like its salaries are beginning to catch up too.

Take a look at this list of the top salaries within the UK Tech Industry (from this article):


Money isn’t everything, but the technology industry is unique in the fact that you don’t have to have gone to university to succeed and earn well, it may not seem like it but it is also an exciting, ever-changing industry with a lot of opportunities and is necessary in every company and organisation around the world.

If you desire to have flexibility in your work/life balance, job types and sectors, whilst  earning a very good salary, then #DoIT!

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