Sarah Lewis – IT Testimonial

I am one of the many people who just fell into IT to be honest.  In fact, I am currently running a Women in Tech Survey and initial results are showing nearly half of the women interviews (who work in IT), just fell into their IT jobs!

Anyway, my story is that I was looking for a new challenge and change of environment.  The employment agency recommended an admin job in an IT department for a software company.  I have to say, I was not excited at the prospect as I imagined it to be a very “male” environment and that it would probably not be for me, I really didn’t want to work in an “IT Crowd” type of environment!

However, I went along for the interview and when I arrived I was very surprised to see one of the interviewers was a lady.  Almost immediately I felt more at ease knowing that, if I was to get the job, I would not be the only female in the department.  There is a lot to be said for having women on the interview panel and it was a smart move by the hiring IT Manager nearly 18 years ago!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the interview, liked the idea of this interesting new challenge and he rest is history as they say!

By Sarah Lewis, Founder of The Techie Girls

Twitter: @LDSarahLewis, @TheTechieGirls

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