Sidra Khan – IT Testimonial

Deciding to go into IT was quite a journey for me – I found that whilst I was growing up, there were so many paths I could take but never figured out what was appealing to me.

When I was young, I had a huge interest in computers and at one point thought I had all the ingredients to become a master hacker, I was just so interested in the logic behind systems – which was something that no one really educated me about back then.

It wasn’t until I reached my GCSEs where I accidentally picked IT as one of my subjects that my interest was re-ignited. I always had it in my head that IT was ‘just for boys’ but that was quickly shaken off by my female IT teacher who encouraged me to take it a step further.

It was my favourite subject and I loved the fact that IT wasn’t just about being technical. It has so many different elements like design and analysis alongside abit of coding. After alot of research I decided to go into university to study IT, and soon realised how under represented females are in the field!

I made it my goal to make it into an IT related job, to bring a sense of diversity and try to be a role model for those who think IT is ‘just for boys’.

By Sidra Khan

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