Interview Techniques

Interview Techniques

Many of you will be starting to apply for Industrial Placements, Graduate Schemes and Jobs over the next few months, so I thought I’d share some tips with you which have helped me in interviews.

Have you heard of the STAR Method?

STAR is a technique we were taught at university to teach us how to answer interview questions, it is a good way on practising how to give context to an answer whilst also promoting yourself.

Situation – Provide a one sentenced context of the situation

Task – What you had to do in the situation

Action – What involvement you had in the situation and task

Result – Whether it was successful or not, and what you learnt

For example, if you were asked the question “How have you demonstrated teamwork?” you could respond with: (Situation) When I was in university, we had to partake in a group project (Task) where we had to create an app for travelling around London, (Action) within the group I was nominated as Project Manager, this meant I was responsible for the timelines of the app creation and delivery. (Result) We worked well as a team, we’d created a group chat to collaborate and although there were some unexpected issues, as I had built in contingency to the plan it was delivered in time.

Body Language

Body Language is one of the most important things you need to think about when you’re in an interview. Make sure you are sitting up straight, look at your interviewer’s when they are talking and when you are answering, smile, and shake hands at the beginning and end.

Try to make sure you aren’t crossing your arms and slouching, because that will come across that you aren’t interested or you are guarded off.

My Biggest Piece of Advice

The most important piece of advice I can give to you, is to try and talk about things you are passionate about. When you are passionate or excited about something in your life, when you talk about it, you instinctively smile and this is something that will come across well in an interview. If you love horse riding or have competed in athletics and love doing so, then incorporate these in your answers.

I hope the above helps & good luck!

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