My 10th Birthday Present

For my 10th Birthday I was allowed my own personal pay-as-you-go mobile… it was all I wanted and I was one of the first people in my class to get one, I was very excited. It is crazy to think that the iPhone was only a figment of Steve Job’s imagination and wouldn’t come out for another two years when I received this.

I remember the tiny black and grey screen with the pixelated text, using it to play snake on… you couldn’t even go on the internet and it wouldn’t connect to WIFI either. It is amazing to think how much technology has advanced since I received this phone 12 years ago, as well as, other fields that rely on technology to enhance their research and industry. Although, I do still miss the drama of the flip phone!

The user’s experience of technology has also changed dramatically, we no longer have to press the 2 button four times to get the letter ‘C’… we can choose to not even type anymore to construct a message. That mobile that I was given as a present, was an additional, and to an extent, unnecessary tool of contacting my friends and family (limited by credit), but now it isn’t just a tool. Our lives revolve around this online world that we hold in our hand.

So what will happen in another 12 years?