Mimo App

I was thinking about how I could expand my coding knowledge in my spare time, without having to sit at a computer to learn.

So I took a look at the “learn to code” apps on the Apple App Store, and after trying out a few I found that the reviews and the ease of use is in the Mimo App.

So give it a go – it may be for you 🤓 📱

TechCrunch did a great article on their opinion of it:



This week I’ve been working on an analytics project with Founders4Schools two days in the office, not only have they been very welcoming and a great team to be a part of, I’m appreciative for the opportunity to do some more work for them remotely over the next couple of weeks.

Founder4Schools’ mission is to help engage students in work placements from a young age, through the use of their app, Workfinder, and providing a platform for Business Leaders to attend school events through their website, this is having a great impact on all types of students.

I was fortunate enough to meet Sherry Coutu at a WCIT Business Luncheon, she started this charity and it has been a great experience to be a part of, even for this little bit of time.

I was happy to see that my new graduate job, Whitbread, offers work experience through Workfinder!


10 Tech Holiday Must Haves

  1. Make sure your phone and tablet never runs out of battery with a portable charger, I have an Anker Astro, fits in my bag easily!
  2. If you want some different holiday snaps, you can always take a mini drone in your suitcase, this quadcopter is recommended.
  3. If you are going to be around the pool or beach, you may want to invest in a waterproof case for you phone, to take it with you get some good underwater snaps!
  4. Print out your pictures whilst you are holiday with a portable printer
  5. If you are worried about somebody breaking into your suitcase, you can always use a bluetooth padlock
  6. It is always useful to get a waterproof speaker to blast out those summer hits whilst you tan by the pool
  7. Data roaming can be expensive, although many networks offer you to continue your contract abroad, but you can buy a mobile WiFi hotspot
  8. A range of eReaders are available, varying from basic to advanced tablets, I have the Amazon Fire HD and love it
  9. Wearable Tech is always fun to see how far you’ve walked round cities, recently in Amsterdam we were frequently hitting 20,000 steps! I have the Apple Watch 3
  10. If you are worried about your wallet and things getting pinched or you just frequently loose your things, you may want to buy this bluetooth tracking item finder device

What Apps Do I Use?

What Apps Do I Use_Monzo… A mobile bank that allows me to budget and track my spending, I get instant notifications when I buy something and can pay mobile contacts easily.

Spotify… Music on the go and good for in the car!

Peak… Bit of brain training

Google Maps… Have become very reliant upon!

Amazon… Love a cheeky mobile purchase!

HayDay… I do love games that I can build up levels, nerdy but fun, along with, Clash Royale!

OneNote… which I have saved on my OneDrive and can use on my iPhone and it updates onto my laptop.

Of course… all my social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp!